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About Me

Hi. I’m Stacey and I’m an SAT warrior.

I’ve taken the SAT about 45 times, answered approximately 8,500 questions, provided 20,000 explanations, and, most importantly, I’ve helped more than 500 students improve their scores.

Stacey Howe--LottI can show any student how to bring that bubble test to its knees.

Not to make light of it. I know how stressful it can be to get back a less-than-stellar score, and think, “Crap. If I don’t crack this next time, there goes my shot at any of my top schools.”

I know, not just because that’s what my kids say when they come to me, but also because I was in a similar place. Here’s the story.

The SAT? Sure, why not?

Five years ago, I was a 40-year-old new mother at home battling sleep deprivation and desperate to find some sort of intellectual stimulation.

Since I had a Master’s degree  in education, I started tutoring neigborhood kids part-time. People kept asking me if I tutored the SAT. I thought that could be fun and figured I’d just need to brush up on some old math skills.

Over the course of a year, I studied and raised my SAT math score from a 480 (45th percentile) to a 700 (93rd percentile).

How hard could it be?

Really, really bloody hard. A massacre. (And quite the ego blow.)

There is math, and then there is SAT math. I memorized formulas and could do rote problems, but because I didn’t know how to think strategically and apply what I knew in different contexts, I wasn’t getting any better.

So I panicked. I bought more books. I kept hammering away at the problems, thinking that if only I did *more* problems or hit them harder, then I’d crack the code. (Here’s the whole gruesome tale.)

I was an idiot.

I did everything the longest, hardest way possible.

It wasn’t until I reviewed the questions I got wrong and figured out exactly why that everything changed. I created my own progress reports that identified with exquisite precision exactly what I was missing and what I should focus on.

The right strategy makes all the difference

Once I had the right actionable information, my studying became much more efficient and effective.

And now, it’s what I teach my students

My approach works, and it’s fun.

You heard right. Fun. I coach in a way that takes out the stress, cuts down the work, maximizes what you already know, and makes concepts stick.

And I love doing it.

Want to know more about working with me?

Great! Let’s do this. Here’s how I work my magic.

F. loved your straight-forward strategies for approaching the test along with your wonderful sense of humor!
Elsa Ward, NY